‘Time’s’ Top 10 Photos of 2014 (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Every year, Time releases what it believes were the ten best photos of the year, and now the magazine has done it again for 2014. It was a rough year out there, and Time‘s Top 10 Photos of 2014 mostly reflect that with one notable (and hilarious) exception.

The key word for deciding the Time‘s Top 10 Photos of 2014 is “influential,” which is an interesting concept in today’s world of Twitter and Instagram. Nowadays, you can mathematically track how widely seen certain photographs are, based on the number of interactions they get on social media. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Academy Awards selfie is “the most retweeted picture in history,” according to the magazine.

The other photos in Time‘s Top 10 Photos of 2014 are much more serious, capturing important moments in very recent history as they occurred. You can see all of them in the gallery below, and for more information and a breakdown on each of the photos and their significance, head over to the Time website here.

Here’s the gallery: