Maple Set Knives From Warehouse

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 5, 2014

It’s not very often that something truly unique and innovative happens in the world of kitchen knives. But the Warehouse brand has recently unveiled their Maple Set Knives, a line of kitchen knives that drastically reduces the size of the cutting blade, replacing the difference with gorgeous maple wood.

It’s a new approach to kitchen knives, but the people at Warehouse have put an eye toward functionality as well as stylish visuals. Each of the Maple Set Knives is outfitted with four rivets that secure the blade and keep the wood from splitting, assuming the knives are used and stored properly (a guide to doing just that is included with the set).

You can see the Maple Set Knives from Warehouse in the gallery below. And for more information, or to place a pre-order on a set for yourself, head over to the official Warehouse website here.

Here are the photos: