Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 24, 2014

Imagine it, if you will: You’re traveling abroad in some exotic locale, minding your own business when a band of jewel thieves hijack your tour bus and announce their intention to start killing hostages if the police don’t grant them safe passage out of the country. You look around, and see that all of your fellow travelers are scared out of their minds. Not you, though, because you’ve prepared for this and many other contingencies. You reach down and grab a leather pouch from underneath your seat. “Don’t worry, everybody,” you say, and everyone around breathes a sigh of relief. You open up the bag and start mixing drinks for everyone, because you bought a Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit especially for the trip.  Problem solved!

The above scenario might not be very likely, but it’s as good an excuse to buy a portable minibar like the Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit as any. The kit includes a leather bag with an interior webbing that keeps the nine bottles (to be filled with the cocktail ingredients of your choice), mixing spoon, and recipe book secure.

You can get some more information on the Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit from the Stephen Kenn online store here, where it’s currently priced at $275. And you can see a few images of the kit in the gallery below.