TV Reporter Mike Amor Hit by Skateboard Live on TV (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Mike Amor Getting Hit By A Skateboard

God bless remote TV reporters. They travel out to where the news is happening, regardless of whether their personal safety or well-being is jeopardized in the process. Australian reporter Mike Amor recently joined the ranks of those that have been hurt on the job, although luckily for us it wasn’t serious, so we can laugh at him with a clear conscience.

It happened when Mike Amor was in Los Angeles for a report about a skate park. Even though he wasn’t skating, he probably should have worn a helmet, since a flying skateboard flew out of a bowl and knocked him right in the head. And the whole thing, naturally, was captured on camera.

You can see Mike Amor getting clocked in the back of the head by an errant skateboard in the video below. And if that whet your appetite for more news bloopers (and how could it not?), I saved you a little bit of work here.

Here’s the video: