Kim Kardashian on ‘The Project’ Demonstrates Proper Champagne Glass Balance (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kim Kardashian on The Project

Amidst the shattered wreckage of the internet being broken by Kim Kardashian and Paper magazine, one thing hasn’t been talked about as much as it probably should be; that is exactly how she managed to balance that champagne glass on her butt. Some probably assumed that the feat was achieved through some kind of photographic manipulation, but according to a recent appearance by Kim Kardashian on The Project, an Australian TV show, there’s a real technique to the tricky balancing act.

While Kim Kardashian on The Project didn’t actually balance a champagne glass of her own on the show, she did teach one of the hosts how to do it—the main trick seems to be “bend your back more.” Educational!

You can watch Kim Kardashian on The Project discussing her famous champagne glass balancing act in Paper magazine in a clip below. And if by some miracle you’ve avoided checking out the feature in question, you can do so at the Paper website here.

Here’s the video: