‘Rotor Effects’: Van Styles Helicopter Photo Shoot Featuring Tianna Gregory (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rotor Effects

Photographer Van Styles has taken to the skies for a new project for his V/SUAL apparel brand. He’s also enlisted model Tianna Gregory, convincing her to fly up into the sky in a helicopter where he could get a unique vantage point from 1,500 feet off of the ground. The resulting video is called Rotor Effects and is dazzling stuff, although perhaps not recommended if you have a serious fear of heights.

Van Styles has worked with Tianna Gregory before, and he’s also worked with Copter Pilot, but Rotor Effects represents the first meeting between these three disparate personalities in one tiny helicopter. The video captures Gregory in a lingerie/bomber jacket getup, with some visual assists provided by famous Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood sign.

You can watch Rotor Effects by Van Styles and Tianna Gregory below. And to see more from the V/SUAL imprint, plus some more of the photos captured during the shoot, just head over to the brand blog here.

Here’s the video: