Rebels Refinery Wealth of Man Organic Oil Bar Soap

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How manly is your soap? Is it floral scented? Is it shaped like a seashell? Or could you use it to shave your beard or chop down trees if you wanted to? In any case, the Wealth of Man Organic Oil Bar Soap by Rebels Refinery might be just the thing you’re looking for in your next soap run.

Rebels Refinery’s Wealth of Man soap is made with ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil, and soy protein, but its most immediately evident feature is its deep black color. This makes each hand-wrapped, unique, and “f*cking amazing” smelling bar look a little like those protein bars in Snowpiercer, but hey, you don’t have to eat this stuff so it’s cool.

To buy your own $12 bar of Wealth of Man Organic Oil Bar Soap, just head over to the Rebels Refinery online store here, where it’s available now. And you can see a few images of the soap in the gallery below – as you’ll see, it’s a good-looking soap.