Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Socks

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 10, 2014

Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Socks

Look down at your feet. No, not your feet, but what’s on your feet. No, not your shoes, under those. Right, your socks. Everything going OK down there? Socks are easy to neglect because they’re out of sight most of the time, but now that the colder months are here, your socks are more important than ever.  The people at Oak Street Bootmakers have that in mind with a new line of trail socks for winter 2014.

The Oak Street Bootmakers‘ trail socks combine warmth and durability with an array of colors that go with pretty much any wardrobe except one that incorporates flip-flops. They’re all made in the USA and have cuffs that are designed to stay up at least until spring gets here.

You can see the new line of Oak Street Bootmakers trail socks in the photo up at the top of the page. And to stock up with a pair or two of your own, head over to the Oak Street Bootmakers online store here.