GEAK Watch II Pro: First Round-Faced Smartwatch (Photos and Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 10, 2014

If you’ve spent any time at all keeping track of the new smartwatch trend, you might have noticed that the vast majority of them have big, weird-looking square faces. While it’s probably necessary for a lot of scientific and functional reasons, it’s easy to imagine hardcore watch enthusiasts grinding their teeth as they look at them.  But now, there’s a smartwatch that should satisfy even them, the GEAK Watch II Pro.

The GEAK Watch II Pro is one of the first, if not the first, smartwatch with a classically round face, but it doesn’t sacrifice features for style. It has a whole arsenal of apps and functions, and a battery that can keep going through four days of use—thanks in part to its ability to switch to e-ink when it doesn’t need its more powerful LCD.

You can get some more information on the GEAK Watch II Pro from the product’s Pozible fundraising site here, where it has made back its original fundraising goal many times over, and is currently priced starting at around $344 for pre-order. You can also see a few photos of the watch in the gallery below, and underneath that is a short promotional video.

Here are the photos: