‘Fat and Famous’: Artist Reimagines Pop Culture Figures as Overweight (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 10, 2014
Tags:  Alex Solis   Alien   Fat And Famous   Pokemon   Batman   Lego  

A graphic artist or illustrator in “the real world” is usually under societal pressure to deliver characters that are in conventionally attractive shapes—no pot bellies or love handles to be found. But artist Alex Solis wasn’t bound by these restrictions in his project Fat and Famous, which turns familiar pop culture icons into versions that are probably a little bit more realistic than the ones we know.

Fat and Famous includes fat, famous versions of Pikachu, the Xenomorph, a LEGO figure, Batman, and more, all of whom look like jollier, more cuddly versions of their more familiar counterparts. And contrary to what the mass media might want you to think, they all seem to be doing OK for themselves (except Pikachu, who can’t fit into his Poké Ball).

You can see some of the portraits from Fat and Famous by Alex Solis in the gallery below. And to see more of Solis’ work, head over to his official website here.

Here’s the gallery: