EDC Retrieval Tool: The Next Best Thing to a Grappling Hook

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 7, 2014

EDC Retrieval Tool

The grappling hook would have to be one of the most coveted pieces of adventure gear, all the more so because it’s not like you can go down to Target and pick one up for yourself. And even though that hasn’t changed, you can pick up an EDC Retrieval Tool from the Cool Material shop, which is close enough.

Before you start planning to go all Rorschach on your city streets tonight, though, you should know that the EDC Retrieval Tool isn’t actually designed to support your body weight, so you can’t use it to scale walls or cliffs. But you can use it to grab lost items that have somehow gotten too high to reach, as the name “Retrieval Tool” suggests.

Still, the EDC Retrieval Tool looks like a grappling hook when it’s, say, hanging off of your utility belt, which is the main reason to have a grappling hook anyway. So head over to the Cool Material shop here, where the tool is priced at just under $30. Good luck, 007.