‘Grand Theft Auto V’ First Person Mode: Trailer Drops (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V First Person Experience

The updated version of Grand Theft Auto V is coming in the next few months, and its most exciting feature (at least according to many fans) is the new first-person mode of play, which lets you step directly inside the head of your GTA character for the first time. And to show off the new play mode, the people at Rockstar Games have released a short trailer.

The video is titled Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience, and it shows how exciting the new perspective could make the game. There’s are reportedly thousands of animations that will be newly incorporated into Grand Theft Auto V as part of the new version, which will also include other enhancements to the gameplay and visuals as well as the first-person mode.

The new Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t come out until November 18th for PlayStation 4 and XBox One (with a January release date for the PC version), but until then you can check out the new first person trailer below. And for more info on the game, head over to the official Rockstar Games website here.