Bronze Air Jordan Sculptures by Matthew Sena (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 31, 2014

We’re all familiar with the parenthood tradition of bronzing your firstborn’s shoes once he or she gets too big to wear them. But artist Matthew Sena has taken a different approach to bronze footwear, creating life-size bronze Air Jordan sculptures that look almost like the real thing – only bronze.

Matthew Sena’s bronze Air Jordan sculptures bronze renditions of the Air Jordan III and XIII, but if these sell well it’s possible he’ll go back to the well and do some more. They aren’t wearable, but they might make a good display in the home of any well-heeled sneakerhead, especially one that doesn’t have any kids.

You can see a few photos of the bronze Air Jordan sculptures from artist Matthew Sena in the gallery below. And for more information, as well as to buy, head to Sena’s online store here, where his sneaker creations are priced at $2,250 each.

Here are the pictures: