DC Comics x Berluti Playtime “Batman”

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 30, 2014
Tags:  Berluti   DC Comics   Playtime   Batman   Sneakers  

As I said a few months ago on Batman Day, you wouldn’t know it by the way he jumps across rooftops and beats up criminals, but Batman turned 75 this year. And one of the coolest (or, at least, the most expensive) pieces of the tide of commemorative merchandise is this collaboration between DC Comics and Paris brand Berluti. It’s the DC Comics x Berluti Playtime “Batman.”

The DC Comics x Berluti Playtime “Batman” is about as far away from the usual Batman-branded sneaker as Bruce Wayne is from the usual billionaire playboy. Each shoe is made mostly by hand from one piece of Venezia leather, and stamped with the classic Batman insignia on the back.

Just like being Batman, the DC Comics x Berluti Playtime “Batman” seems like good fun until you realize how much it costs. In the case of this sneaker, it’s a price tag of about $2,527 exclusively from Collette. You can buy a pair here, but unless you’re a billionaire you might just want to look at the photos of the sneaker in the gallery below.