‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’: Season 5 Teaser (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 23, 2014

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld and internet video company Crackle have formed a highly successful partnership in the form of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which is now preparing to enter its 5th season next month. To promote the occasion, there’s a funny teaser starring Seinfeld and his sitcom co-star Michael Richards as the president of Crackle.

The teaser takes a different approach from the actual Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee series, opting for more of a sketch comedy flavor than the relaxed conversation of the show. There is room for a couple series hallmarks in the teaser, though, like humorously obvious product placement and Jerry Seinfeld driving some really expensive-looking cars.

You can watch the teaser for season 5 of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee below. And the season premiere is on November 6th, which is when you can watch it (and the previous four seasons of the show) on the series website here.

Here’s the video: