Air New Zealand Produces Safety Video With Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 23, 2014

Air New Zealand Safety Video

I would imagine that most people from New Zealand get a little bit annoyed when people from other places associate their country solely with Lord of the Rings (and maybe Flight of the Conchords), but I guess that annoyance doesn’t extend to Air New Zealand. I say that because they’ve just produced a new airline safety video that welcomes the association, and includes actual Lord of the Rings participants like star Elijah Wood and director Peter Jackson (no Bret or Jemaine though, unfortunately).

The safety video is obviously intended to serve a double purpose as a bit of viral marketing for Air New Zealand as well as a video about the importance of buckling your seat belt during takeoff and landing. This seems like a savvy move on the airline‘s part, since I’d say a good 95% of people who are interested in flying to New Zealand are probably fans of Lord of the Rings.

You can watch what Air New Zealand has deemed The Most Epic Air Safety Video Ever Made below. And to book your passage to Middle Earth, head over to the Air New Zealand website here.