Connect Four: Special Wood & Aluminum Edition by Restoration Hardware

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Connect Four is one of the true classic games of world history, one that virtually anyone can pick up and start playing almost immediately. That means it’s a prime subject for artisans and special editions, such as this special wood & aluminum version of Connect Four from the people at Restoration Hardware.

The wood part of the Restoration Hardware special edition Connect Four is the completely wooden board, while the aluminum comes in the form of the circular pieces you drop into it. It’s an elegant piece of furniture as well as a game, and it’s probably more durable than the usual plastic versions of the game we all played in the past.

Also, at $179, you’ll be a lot more motivated to make sure none of the pieces get lost and that the board stays in good shape. You can see a few pictures of this special version of Connect Four in the gallery below, and to buy your own copy just head over to the Restoration Hardware online store here.