Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese Hits Grocery Stores

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 20, 2014

Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese

Everyone who knows anything about food brands knows that Philadelphia is like the Coke or Lays of cream cheese. And with that kind of market dominance often comes the urge to experiment.  And the result is stuff like Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese, recently introduced to American grocery stores by Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese is, the company assures, “made with real bacon.” Judging by the photo on the side of the carton, that bacon appears to be mixed up with the cream cheese in small, granulated form, but I don’t doubt that the whole thing is packed with bacon flavor. I’m almost afraid to try it, for fear that I will become addicted.

If you harbor no such fears, you should be able to find Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese in the dairy section of your local grocery store now. And for more from Philadelphia, you can check out the brand’s official website from parent company Kraft here.