Moschino Beverage Can iPhone Cases

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 20, 2014
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Moschino Beverage Can iPhone Cases

Fashion brand Moschino is known for their commitment to the art of the illusion with their iPhone cases, and their new line of Oktoberfest-inspired cases is no exception. The chief activity associated with Oktoberfest is drinking, so it only makes sense that Moschino‘s ode to the festival would be in the form of a beer can – and a soda can as well, for the non-drinking iPhone users out there.

The Moschino beverage can iPhone cases are constructed from flexible silicone and bear the imaginary logo of Moschino brand beer and a Moschino Coca-Cola-like soda, complete with pop tab and bubbles of condensation. It’s enough to make a person thirsty just by looking at it, so keep that in mind – an iPhone case like this probably wouldn’t be recommended for a long trek through the desert.

The Moschino Oktoberfest iPhone cases don’t appear to be available at the brand’s online store here yet, but you can reportedly grab one for about $100 each at select retailers right now.