Stone Island Fall/Winter 2014 “Neo Lux” Video Lookbook

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 17, 2014

Stone Island Fall/Winter 2014 "Neo Lux" Video Lookbook

Fashion label Stone Island is looking to the future with their fall/winter 2014 collection, and their newest video lookbook is as technologically advanced as they come. It’s called “Neo Lux,” and the Stone Island fall/winter 2014 collection is shown off in high style with 3D effects and innovative lighting.

The Stone Island fall/winter 2014 “Neo Lux” video lookbook has the clothes to back up the flashiness of the presentation, such as hooded cardigans and cotton shirts, all with a futuristic vibe that keeps the collection cohesive. And even though the lookbook is only a minute long, it makes an impression, and will probably have you hyped to at least think about picking up some of the pieces in the collection for yourself.

If you’ve got a minute to spare, check out the Stone Island fall/winter 2014 “Neo Lux” video lookbook immediately below this paragraph. And if, as I predicted, you feel like shopping (or at least browsing) the collection after the video wraps up, you can do so at the Stone Island online store here.

Here’s the video: