FutureSelf Will Try To Predict How You’ll Look 20 Years From Now (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Most people at one time or another have looked at themselves in the mirror and tried to imagine how they’ll look after a couple decades’ time. Now, a new website from British company Orange is taking some of the imagination out of the equation with FutureSelf.

FutureSelf is an online experience that starts with the user taking a photo of himself or herself and giving it up to be aged 20 years. Then, you can ask your future self questions, although understandably not of the personal variety. It’s creepy and weird, but probably an unmissable opportunity to waste some time (so to speak) for a lot of people out there.

You can try out FutureSelf for yourself here, or if you’re feeling a little bit shy (or future shocked), you can watch a video about the project below. I tried it, and apparently I turn into a very annoying British man at some point between now and 2034. Nice to have something to look forward to!

Here’s the video: