‘Modern Classic Cocktails’: Death & Co. Collects 500+ Recipes In Book Form

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 26, 2014

Death & Co. Modern Classic Cocktails

Legendary Manhattan cocktail bar Death & Co. have released a massive book of cocktail recipes that seeks to help regular people capture their repertoire in their homes – or at least attempt to before giving up and going to a bar. It’s called Modern Classic Cocktails, and it contains more than 500 recipes.

By virtue of the 500+ recipe count, Death & Co.’s Modern Classic Cocktails will tell you what you need to make old standbys as well as more obscure selections like the Conference. But even apart from its practical usage for anyone interested in making drinks that go beyond opening beers at home, it’s a handsome coffee table book that would look good on display in your living room or home bar.

Modern Classic Cocktails from Death & Co. is available for pre-order from the Death & Co. website here, and copies of the book are scheduled to start shipping next month. That gives you just enough time to start stocking up on alcohol.