Extra Terrestrial Vehicle From Mike Vetter (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Custom car builder Mike Vetter has come out with a newly for sale custom car that takes inspiration from the popular conception of UFOs. That’s why it’s called the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle – not because it can actually take you to other planets (at least not without a little help from some familiar friends).

The Mike Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle was built back in 2012 and is now being put up for sale by Vetter on eBay. The exterior, with its Lamborghini scissor doors, is impressive enough, but the interior is an appropriately futuristic mix of leather, suede, and aluminum. Then there’s under the hood, which contains a supercharged, 270 horsepower motor that just might rocket you to Mars if you hit an on-ramp going fast enough.

A few photos of the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle from Mike Vetter can be seen (no telescope required!) in the gallery below. And to take a look at the car’s eBay listing, just head over to eBay here, where it’s available now for $89,000 (other offers will also be considered).

Here are the photos: