You Earned It Bottle Opener: For Those Small, Everyday Victories

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One common strategy for managing your time is to give yourself small rewards for getting stuff done. You renewed your car registration, you get a beer. You did laundry, you get a beer. You woke up before 10, you get a beer, etc. Now Cool Material is selling a bottle opener that solidifies this very healthy relationship between you and your bottled beverages: The You Earned It Bottle Opener.

The You Earned It Bottle Opener is made from half a pound of solid brass, sandblasted and finished by hand. This alone would put it leagues above whatever namby-pamby bottle opener you have attached to your key chain, but the perennially inspirational slogan “You Earned It” emblazoned on the side really takes it to the next level.

To buy your own You Earned It Bottle Opener from the Cool Material shop, just head here, where it’s currently priced at a little under $24. And you can see a few photos of it in the gallery below. Go ahead, you earned it.