Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee From Brewdly

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee

One surefire way to get attention on the internet is to make a novelty food product that involves bacon in some unorthodox way. With that in mind, it’s actually a little bit of a surprise that I haven’t written about something like Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee from Brewdly yet.

Brewdly Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee is brewed by pouring a heap of maple bacon “flavor” over the coffee beans, with the idea being that the beans will soak up both the maple and bacon flavors for a coffee beverage that has among its flavor notes a liberal dose of bacon. I imagine it tastes better than it sounds, but that’s just me.

This being the internet and all, Brewdly is having trouble keeping up with the massive demand for Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee, so there’s a delay of between two and three weeks for delivery on the product. But you can place orders at Brewdly’s website here, where a one-pound bag of the stuff costs just under $17.