Street Artist DS Immortalizes Street Art Removal Guy In Street Art

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 22, 2014

Street Artist DS' New Piece

When you become a street artist, you take on the hazard of having people paint over your work in the name of the public interest. Street artist DS has come up with a hilarious way to turn that particular lemon into street art lemonade – by photographing the person erasing his art and then turning that photo into street art at the exact same location.

It happened in London (where DS calls home), where a piece called Bad Kitty was erased by a man who doesn’t look like he’s very interested in the finer qualities of street art (or any qualities of street art, for that matter). Soon thereafter, a new piece popped up in the exact same spot – a stencil of the man in the process of erasing the earlier piece, complete with the signature DS logo. A before-and-after shot shows how it happened, and can be seen above.

For more of DS’ work, just head over to his official website here. And to see the guy having to erase a painting of himself, just close your eyes and dream, secure in the knowledge that this has almost certainly happened.