Nike Tech Pack Retail Experience Opens in Shanghai (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 22, 2014

Another glimpse of the future comes to us from Nike China and the Nike Tech Pack. It’s a “Retail Experience” located at a pop-up mall in Shanghai orchestrated by Chinese brand YO’HOOD, and judging by the photos it takes the typical Nike retail experience and elevates it to incredible heights.

The most immediately recognizable aspect of the Nike Tech Pack Retail Experience are the thousands of red LEDs that surround and infuse the exhibit. But the bells and whistles don’t stop there, with high-definition digital screens forming the foundation of the experience and displaying testimony from various celebrity athletes under the Nike umbrella. Naturally, the Nike Tech Pack is also shown off in glorious 360-degree displays that seemingly suspend the pieces in mid-air. It’s cool stuff, and hopefully another version of the pop-up will show itself somewhere in North America at some point.

Until that day comes, and while you’re waiting to book passage to Shanghai, you can take a look at a veritable plethora of photos from the Nike Tech Pack Retail Experience in the gallery below. And for more from Nike, take a look at their official website here.

Here are the photos, enjoy: