iPhone 6: First Australian Owner Drops, Breaks Phone Immediately After Buying (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 19, 2014

iPhone 6 Owner Drops and Breaks Phone

Over in Australia, a guy from Perth had the luck and the perseverance to become the first person on the continent to purchase a new iPhone 6. He was so excited about this that as he opened the box he accidentally dropped the phone and it broke. Oh, and the whole thing was captured on camera. And was broadcast on television. Ouch.

The first sign of trouble came almost immediately, when the man was approached by a local TV newscaster to open his iPhone 6 on the air. He couldn’t get the box to open right away, so he gave it a shake, and the rest probably seemed to happen in slow motion. And imagine the chorus of shouts from a crowd of onlookers must not have felt too good either.

If you’d like to see the pain in real time and cheer along with that crowd, you can do so by checking out the whole thing on YouTube below. The original story can be found here, and if you’re an iPhone 6 user, remember to be careful – those things are fragile.

Here’s the video: