11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini: A 21st Century Humidifier (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 19, 2014

Humidifiers are often thought of as the domain of elderly grandmothers, but like most things your grandmother encourages, they’re actually quite useful. And the new 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini provides all the functions (and humidity) of a traditional humidifier but in a sleek, technologically advanced package.

That package is designed to look and feel as much like glass as possible, but it’s actually ABS, a kind of plastic. Then there’s its power source, which you can connect to the 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini via USB (it makes sense that in a next-generation humidifier, there would be a lot of initials involved). And the makers of the product stress that its small size doesn’t mean it’s less effective than a larger humidifier, claiming that it’s powerful enough to provide humidity for any room or office.

For more information on the 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini, head over to the Leibal online store here, where it can also be purchased for $60. And you can see a few photos of the humidifier in the gallery below – and since it’s Friday, it seems appropriate to point out that once you’ve looked at a few photos of a humidifier, you know your weekend has begun.