The Beer Tree Concept Would Let You Homebrew Like Sherlock Holmes (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As evidenced by the millions of people who are really into homebrewing, the practice definitely has its appeals. But being visually compelling isn’t usually one of them, so someone out there has imagined a better way. It’s the Beer Tree, which threads an array of pleasant glass bulbs and tubes together in a way that will probably make anyone who watched The Great Mouse Detective as a kid feel incredibly nostalgic.

Unfortunately, the Beer Tree is only a concept at this point, but its designer Freddie Paul has done his homework and it would appear to be a fully functional prototype. I’m not smart enough to go into the specific chemistry at work here, but a key principle would seem to be gravity, which would allow the Beer Tree to operate in a much more aesthetically correct way than the usual homebrew set-up.

For more information on the Beer Tree, and to see more of Freddie Paul’s work, just head over here. And even though it’s just a concept for now, you can look at some in-depth photos of the Beer Tree in the gallery below and dream of the day you will have your own old-timey beer laboratory.