Andy Gellenberg Designs Portraits of Famous Athletes With Only Nike Swooshes (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Like everybody else, I know that product placement has gotten completely out of control, but I was still surprised to see this. An artist named Andy Gellenberg has made portraits of three famous athletes using only a series of Nike Swoosh logos, in varying sizes, colors, and positions.

Gellenberg wasn’t commissioned by Nike to do the portraits.  He just did them on his own, but his work got the attention of the subject of one of the portraits, none other than LeBron James. James took to Instagram (here) to share the artist’s work, so it’s a sure bet there are big things in Gellenerg’s future.

The other two athletes to be given the Swooshinization treatment by Andy Gellenberg are Tiger Woods and Paul Rodriguez, and you can see all three of the portraits in the gallery below. If you like what you see, you can take a look at some more of Andy Gellenberg’s work here, or you can just wait a couple months and you’ll probably be seeing it in commercials and other advertisements all over the place anyway.