Black Scale Motown Records Collaborative Collection Lookbook (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 15, 2014

Streetwear label Black Scale is an upstart in its respective field compared to Motown Records, which is such a legendary record label that the word “legendary” doesn’t seem adequate to describe it. But that hasn’t kept the two companies from collaborating on a small apparel collection, and thus we have the Black Scale Motown Records collaborative lookbook to peruse.

One of the pieces in the Black Scale Motown Records collection might bring to mind a third company at first glance – NASCAR. That’s because the logos and symbols on the red hoodie look more like the deluge of corporate sponsorships that are familiar to NASCAR fans. But the collection settles down for a stylish couple of t-shirts and a grey sweater, all bearing mementos of Motown’s incredible history.

As for the Black Scale Motown Records collection lookbook, it features modeling work by Motown’s own Mila J, and shows the pieces therein in clear, unfussy detail. That means if you like the photos from the lookbook in the gallery down at the bottom of the page, you’re sure to like the clothes in person, which are supposed to be available now from Black Scale’s flagship location in New York City. For more from Black Scale, check out their official website here.