‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Set Photos Show New Batmobile

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Almost every version of Batman since the 1930s has had its own version of the Batmobile, and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is fortunately no exception. While the new Batmobile has been on the internet in partially obscured form for a while now (sad Batman Ben Affleck was standing in front of it when he made his now-infamous depression pose), we now have some new set photos that show it much more clearly.

While that Batmobile in the previous Dark Knight trilogy was a more realistic take on what a nocturnal superhero might drive around to fight bad guys, this new version seems like more of a throwback to the fantastical comic book versions of the car. It also looks pretty dirty, so hopefully Alfred will be getting it washed sometime soon.

The new Batman v Superman Batmobile set photos, taken from the Instagram accounts found here and here, can be seen in the gallery below. And the movie is currently slated for a March 25, 2016 release date.