iPhone 5 Maple Timber Tray by Tinsel & Timber (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t mean the pleasures of handcrafted comfort have to be off-limits to you. As an example, take a look at this iPhone 5 Maple Timber Tray from Tinsel & Timber.

Each Tinsel & Timber iPhone 5 Maple Timber Tray is carved by hand from a block of high-quality maple and finished (also by hand) with oil and wax. Once it makes its way to you, it can hold not just your iPhone 5 (with a slot for easy charging) but a couple of other items you want at your fingertips next to your phone – maybe, say, a watch and a pen?

Whatever you decide to put in the Tinsel & Timber iPhone 5 Maple Timber Tray will rest comfortably on a plush felt lining, and the tray itself will rest comfortably wherever you put it thanks to the four cork feet on the bottom. See a few photos of the tray in the gallery below, and head to Tinsel & Timber here to get one for $59.