Potlicker Kitchen Beer Jelly

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beer Jelly

I try to keep readers apprised of any and all development in the world of novelty beer products. The latest is a Beer Jelly by the people at Potlicker Kitchen, or rather a line of jellies featuring the flavors of three different beers.

Those three beers are India Pale Ale, Green Mountain Ale, and Apricot Ale, all of which have been transformed through some kind of beer wizardry into jelly form, which Potlicker Kitchen says is great if you want to “show off a cheese, serve with breads, or glaze meats.” This might be immature of me, but the first place my brain jumps is to peanut butter and beer jelly sandwiches – if I had a Refined Guy expense account, I’d buy a jar and let you know how that is.

Whether you have an expense account or not, you can get Potlicker Kitchen Beer Jelly for about $7 a jar from their online store here.