Hunter Original Driving Shoes

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hunter Original Driving Shoes

You know you’ve hit the next level of comfort when you have a pair of shoes specifically for driving. If you’ve managed to reach that particular plateau, you might want to consider the Original Driving Shoes from Hunter, a pair of slip-on shoes specifically designed for maximum comfort while driving.

The Hunter Original Driving Shoes are made from waterproof synthetic rubber and come with leather laces and molded heel cups. They come in three different colorways: navy, grey, and the excellently named “bitter chocolate.” As a personal recommendation, I should say that if you’re going to drop $125 on a pair of driving shoes, they might as well be bitter chocolate driving shoes.

If you feel your life is ready for a pair of shoes designated for driving (and if you have a spare $125 lying around), you can get your pair of Hunter Original Driving Shoes from the Hunter online store here.

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