Royaums: The $4,500 Sneaker Brand (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 11, 2014
Tags:  Crocodile Red   Royaums   Saint   Sneakers  

Royaums Saint Crocodile Red

Normally when you’re dropping thousands of dollars on a pair of sneakers it’s because they’re a hot collectors’ item, or they’ve been signed by Michael Jordan or Kanye West or someone like that. But Royaums is a new brand on the block that no one seems to know much about, and they’re getting attention for their $4,500 sneakers.

The sneakers in question are known as the Royaums Saint in Crocodile Red. The trendy red colorway is enhanced by “100% crocodile leather,” which probably accounts for at least part of the exorbitant asking price. The rest of it, alas, is pure branding.

The Royaums Saint Crocodile Red can be checked out  at the Royaums online store here, where as of this writing the price has actually dropped down to $4,450 – with a discount like that, can you really afford not to pick up a pair? And you can watch a promotional video about the brand below.