MTV News Explains (Almost) Every Marvel Easter Egg (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 4, 2014
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MTV News Every Marvel Easter Egg Explained

The next time you hear someone say that TV journalism is dead, remind them of MTV News, which has unveiled a piece of crack reporting on the most important topic of our time: The hidden comic book and cartoon references in Marvel movies.

To comic book fans, the post-credits sequences of every Marvel Studios joint since Iron Man has served as a kind of cinematic catnip, teasing future projects, or (in the case of The Avengers) showing what superheroes do in their off-hours. But the movies are chock full of references to not just comic books but other Marvel properties and even higher-brow stuff like classical music. And MTV News has explained all of them (except for the ones in the most recent two Marvel films, which I guess means they’re going to do this again at some point).

You can watch “Every Marvel Easter Egg Explained In One Video” from MTV News below. In 12 minutes, you’ll know a lot more Marvel minutiae than you probably thought possible:

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