3•W•Y Summer 2014 Campaign Video: ‘When We Were Young’

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 25, 2014

When We Were Young 3•W•Y Campaign Video

3•W•Y is a Toronto-based brand that’s relatively new to the scene, but they’re looking to make a big splash, starting with their arty campaign video for the summer of 2014. The video combines some impressively majestic crane shots with a model who flips off the camera—an interesting combination.

The 3•W•Y summer 2014 collection is made up of pieces like the Fadeaway Hoodie, the Closer Jersey, and what has become the 3•W•Y brand’s signature item, the Ruche Pants. All of these pieces are seen in action in the summer 2014 campaign video, which, incidentally, has a fancy title and everything—When We Were Young.

You can watch When We Were Young, 3•W•Y’s summer 2014 campaign video, below. And to take a look at more from the brand, including to shop the summer 2014 collection, head over to 3•W•Y’s official website right here (it’s also available now from select retailers).

Here’s When We Were Young: