Tropicana Field’s Brewhouse Introduces 4-LB “Fan vs. Food” Burger (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tropicana Field Fan vs Food Burger

Tropicana Field is home to the Tampa Bay Rays, but it’s also home to the “Fan vs. Food” burger, a 4-pound behemoth that also acts as a standing challenge to anyone who might be visiting Tropicana’s Brew House restaurant.  Anybody who can eat the whole thing, as well as the included pound of fries, wins two free tickets to a future Rays game, plus a commemorative t-shirt.

The Tropicana Field “Fan vs. Food” challenge costs $30 to try, plus however much you pay to get into the stadium (plus however much you have to pay in medical bills afterward). And that money gets you not only the aforementioned four pounds of beef and one pound of fries, but a generous mound of vegetables—tomato, pickle, onion—as well as an ungodly amount of cheese.

The “Fan vs. Food” burger was the subject of a recent in-depth review by SB Nation, which you can check out here. And you can get a glimpse of the massive burger in the video below.