Beats by Dre Gives Special Gold Pro Beats Headphones to German World Cup Champions (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gold Pro Beats from Beats by Dre

The tradition of champion athletes being awarded special edition gold Beats by Dre products continues to the benefit of the German national soccer team, who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup over the weekend. For their trouble, each member of the roster got a pair of Gold Pro Beats headphones “presented by” Naomi Campbell.

Although I’m not sure what the actual “presentation” of the Beats by Dre Gold Pro Beats headphones to the German soccer team entailed, it did result in the snazzy promotional photo above. And you can also watch a behind-the-scenes video featuring Naomi Campbell, a gold soccer ball, and the special edition 24-carat Gold Pro Beats headphones below.

Congratulations to Germany’s national men’s soccer team, who are fixed up pretty well in the expensive headphones department for a while. And even if you’re not a World Cup champion, you can see more from Beats by Dre at the brand’s website here.