iam8bit Gallery, Clyde Space, and the UK Space Agency Launch UKube-1 Satellite (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 8, 2014


There generally isn’t much of an art crowd up in space, seeing as most of the people who go up there tend to be scientist-types. But that didn’t stop Los Angeles’ iam8bit Gallery from taking part in a space satellite launched by the UK Space Agency and Clyde Space called UKube-1.

iam8bit Gallery’s Jon Gibson and Amanda White designed the artwork for Ukube-1, which is billed as a “celestial charging station,” for the benefit of anyone (Earthling or otherwise) who might need to charge up their devices during an interstellar cruise.

The UKube-1 satellite has a lot of hardware under the hood to go along with iam8bit Gallery’s “tattoos” on the exterior, and you can read a lot more about the whole project on Clyde Space’s website here. And you can also see a video demonstrating the UKube-1 concept and artwork below. And remember: Limit 1 outlet per vessel.

Here’s the video: