Artist Haroshi Designs Battle at the Berrics 7 Trophy

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 12, 2014

Haroshi's Battle at the Berrics 7 Trophy

Trophies aren’t usually thought of as a very artistic medium, given that most of them look pretty much the same. But the 7th annual skating tournament Battle at the Berrics has gone in a completely different direction with another first prize trophy designed by artist Haroshi.

Haroshi’s Battle at the Berrics 7 trophy is made from recycled skateboard decks, and depicts a dynamic image of a foot bursting through the trophy’s metal base. Feet, skateboarding, you can see how the association makes sense. The skateboard decks are manipulated into a variety of forms, including mosaics and pixels, all blended together to make the trophy pop.

You can take a look at the Battle at the Berrics 7 trophy up at the top of the page, but to see who will actually take it home you can watch a live stream of the finals on Hypebeast’s website here on Friday, June 13th, at 7 PM PST.