Ray-Ban Wayfarer Flat Metal Sunglasses

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Flat Metal

Sunglasses brand (some would refer to it as THE sunglasses brand) Ray-Ban is looking back to its past history for a new model for the summer season of 2014. It’s called the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Flat Metal, and it’s a metallic twist on the legendary Wayfarer design.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Flat Metal is laser-cut out of stainless steel, and then finished in a group of five matte colors: White, red, blue, black, and gunmetal, all in the famous Wayfarer silhouette. The stainless steel construction means that these shades are significantly more durable than the usual pair, and the Ray-Ban design means they look pretty great too.

If you like the way the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Flat Metal sunglasses update a classic design, you can get some more information on the sunglasses from the Ray-Ban online store here. They’re priced at $170, though, so devotees of that one ZZ Top song will probably sit this one out.