Gisele Bündchen Signs With Chanel No. 5

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gisele Bündchen Signs With Chanel No. 5

In the advertising world, brands don’t get much more prestigious than Chanel No. 5. So it’s big news whenever the brand signs someone for a new campaign, which is what has happened with supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

The announcement is just another feather in Gisele Bündchen’s cap—which must be getting pretty heavy by now, being one of the top-earning models at the moment. And it’s an especially big deal for the model since she’s technically going to be replacing the iconic Marilyn Monroe, who was the recent posthumous face of the brand.

Chanel’s website here still has Monroe on the front page as of this writing, but you can expect to see Gisele Bündchen in her place soon, as well as in malls, retailers, and advertisements throughout the world.

And if you want to see more from the Brazilian supermodel, just walk around outside with your eyes open.  You’re sure to see her eventually.