Crown Royal XO Blended Canadian Whisky

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crown Royal XO Blended Canadian Whisky

New from Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky that seeks to change your attitude towards Canadian whiskies. It’s made by the Crown Royal Master Blender’s specifications, blended from more than 50 of Crown Royal’s finest whiskies, and left to completion in a cognac cask.

It’s called Crown Royal XO Blended Canadian Whisky, and it’s said to boast a flavor that’s both drinkable and complex, with traces of spice, vanilla, and dry fruits. Taken along with its magnificent golden color, and this might be worth a try even if you don’t typically go for Canadian whiskies. And Crown Royal recommends that XO Blended Canadian Whisky be “enjoyed neat or on the rocks.”

To do that, ask your local liquor store if they carry Crown Royal XO in stock. You can also head to Crown Royal’s website here for more information on XO Blended Canadian Whisky and the many other products under the Crown Royal brand.