‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’: First Trailer

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer

Believe it or not, it’s been almost nine years since Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller unleashed the film adaptation of the latter’s Sin City comic series onto an unsuspecting public. I was a big fan of the movie in high school, but I haven’t seen it in years, so it will be interesting to see how the sequel comes off.

You can get a good idea of what Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will probably be like on the big screen by checking out the trailer which recently hit the internet. Judging from it, it seems that the sequel will mostly be following the formula of the first movie: Surprisingly big names doing their best to make Frank Miller’s stylized hard-boiled dialogue sound as cool out loud as it reads on the page.

Unlike the first Sin City movie, however, A Dame to Kill For has some material written just for the screen by Frank Miller, so even if you’re a diehard Sin City fan, there should be some surprises in store for you. But if you can’t wait until the movie’s August 22 release date, the trailer below should tide you over for a little while.