BigRep ONE Full-Scale 3D Printer (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 21, 2014

BigRep ONE Full-Scale 3D Printer

The technology of 3D printing continues its rise to near-magic levels with the BigRep ONE. While one of the key limitations on 3D printers up to now has been size, the BigRep ONE sidesteps this limitation thanks to its massive 45″ x 40″ x 47″ printing size.

That means that the BigRep ONE can print objects that are more than a cubic meter in size. And resolution isn’t sacrificed for size, either – the BigRep ONE maintains 100 micron resolution thanks to its dual tool heads. A great many printing materials are supported, too, so the BigRep ONE’s billing as a “full-scale 3D printer” is justified in more than one way.

For more information on the BigRep ONE, as well as to buy one (provided you’ve got about $40K lying around), head to the product’s website here. You can also check out a video that demonstrated what the BigREP ONE can do below.

Here’s the video: