Jeremy Scott x Madballs 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jeremy Scott x Madballs Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Designer Jeremy Scott and Madballs are joining forces for the fall and winter season of 2014.

No, Madballs isn’t some obscure label you’ve never heard of.  It’s the toy from the 80s, remember? They were rubber balls with gross faces, and now they’re the subject of a new project from Jeremy Scott.

It’s described by the designer himself in a recent tweet as a “collab,” so this would appear to be an officially licensed Madballs project, rather than a simple homage:

As you can see in the photo up at the top, the Jeremy Scott x Madballs 2014 fall/winter collection will be made up of at least those three pieces, with more reportedly in the works. Once we get closer to fall, you can expect to see more Madballs imagery as part of Jeremy Scott’s seasonal offerings.

Maybe The Garbage Pail Kids could be the next gross 80s toy to get turned into a fashion collection.