Team Canada Beer Fridge Requires Canadian Passport to Open

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Team Canada Beer Fridge

Being an Olympian is a symbol of hard work and perseverance that any athlete would be proud to achieve. ┬áBut in Canada, athletes have an even more compelling reason to go for the gold at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi: Free beer!

That beer is kept ice cold in the Team Canada beer fridge in Canada’s Olympic House. But the best part of the Team Canada beer fridge is that no non-Canadian can even think about snatching some unearned beer, even if they manage to sneak onto the premises. That’s because the fridge only opens after a genuine Canadian passport is provided to the attached scanner.

The Team Canada beer fridge (as shown in this tweet), in addition to being awesome, might usher in a new era of vending machine technology in which users with special credentials get access to free stuff. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I guess it depends on whether you’re lucky enough to be Canadian.